NZ Symbicort 200 6 Device

Asthma reliever and
preventer in one inhaler.1,2

  • Fast2x
    Fast relief of symptoms starting in 1-3 minutes
  • Reduce2x
    Helps reduce the risk of asthma attacks
  • One inhaler2x
    Treats the cause of asthma symptoms, inflammation of the airways
  • All levels2x
    For all levels of asthma; mild, moderate and severe
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Are you in an unhealthy
relationship with your asthma?

If you're using your asthma reliever more than twice a week,
your asthma may not be well-controlled

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What causes asthma symptoms?

About Asthma
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Is relieving asthma symptoms enough?

Asthma Treatment
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Want to know more about Symbicort?

Why Symbicort?
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Download our Quick Guide to asthma and Symbicort

This visual snapshot is a guide to understanding
asthma and how Symbicort can help. Share this
with your doctor to discuss.