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Your asthma may not be well controlled if you:

  • Experience symptoms more than 2 days/week
  • Use a SABA reliever for symptoms more than 2 days/week
  • Experience any activity limitation due to asthma
  • Experience night waking due to asthma

Also, if you are using 3 or more SABA canisters per year, this can increase the risk of asthma attacks.6

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What are the risks?4

Studies have shown that using only a SABA reliever inhaler is associated with:

  • increased risk of asthma attack
  • reduced lung function

This is because it’s not treating your airway inflammation, which is an underlying cause of asthma symptoms.

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Breathe easier - today and tomorrow*

*Asthma anti-inflammatory reliever and preventer in a single inhaler

Most reliever inhalers treat the immediate symptoms of asthma but don’t address the longer-term issue, inflammation in the airways.
Is yours doing both?

Why Symbicort?
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